The San Diego School For Pool and Trick Shots

Looking for the perfect place to learn how to play pool in San Diego by a PBIA(BCA) Instructor, Trick Shots or have exhibitions for your organization. You have come to the right place. I have been a recognized PBIA(BCA) Instructor since 2003 and have enjoyed competition in Trick Shots competition since 2007. In Trick Shot competition my partner Too Tall is currently ranked 9th and I am currently ranked 16th in the world. We are proud members of the following organizations: APA, BCA,WCPPA and APPA. We both are currently sponsored by McDermott Cues and Kamui Tips. I have been shooting billiards in San Diego for over 50 years in some form and enjoy the socialization of the sport, teaching Trick Shots, exhibitions and learning new things every day. Too Tall has over 10 years in the sport of Trick Shots and is a great instructor of the same. . So, if you are in the San Diego area or close by, here is the place to go to learn how to play pool in San Diego, I worked with students from ages 7-18 in the APA handicap league from 2015 – 2016. If you just want to improve your knowledge and skills in the sport. As a PBIA(BCA) instructor I can do that with 11 years in Artistic Pool and in the sport of Trick Shots we both can help you learn new things. When we do Trick Shot Exhibitions we also have people from the crowd help us and it might be you who will entertain your friends. So don’t wait to contact us, just send us a line and we will help you learn how to play pool and make some great Trick Shots.

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